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Health Promotion Strategic Framework

The Health Promotion Strategic Framework (HPSF) is the first national strategic framework for health promotion in the HSE. It has been developed to support the HSE’s strategic objectives of promoting and improving the health of the population. The framework sets out clear, consistent, national objectives for the HSE in relation to its health promotion priorities. The framework will not only guide the activity of the Health Promotion workforce, but sets out a model for developing a health service that integrates health promotion into all aspects of HSE services in line with international best practice. This framework is guided by the HSE’s Corporate Plan and identified National Priorities.

International evidence recommends health promotion approaches that are focused on how and where people live, work, and play; these are known as settings for health promotion. This framework acknowledges the key role that health and social care services have in promoting the health of the population across these key settings, while recognising the greater significance of the social determinants of health and the unequal health status experienced by different population groups. 

The framework outlines a model of health promotion that addresses the broad determinants of health and health inequalities, through health services, community and education settings.  It describes the approaches that are to be applied in each setting and sets out priority objectives and actions for national processes to support the implementation of the framework and for each of the three priority settings identified. With appropriate investment, the long-term outcomes of these approaches have been demonstrated internationally to improve health and reduce inequalities, disease and costs on the health system.

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