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Don’t Sweat It


A head to toe guide to personal care and hygiene

Issues   in relation to personal care and hygiene can present challenges for those   working with young people. The importance of addressing hygiene/ personal care   has been identified as an essential element in building self esteem and   confidence in young people and promoting positive mental health. Carers and   those working with young people have also recognised how issues in relation to   personal care and hygiene can have a negative impact on young people’s social   interactions and access to employment.

Poor personal hygiene does not just affect the self-esteem and attitude of   the individual themselves. In a work or learning environment, it can also affect   the morale and performance of others. Poor hygiene and personal care habits can   result in negative attitudes affecting interactions with other people.  Individuals can be stereotyped, leading to stigma, rejection, prejudice and   discrimination. These can have a negative influence on the quality of life and   emotional and mental health of individuals. It can also have an impact on   education, employment and interpersonal relations. Therefore, it is an important   issue for young people.

This resource can be downloaded   here or you can contact the Health Promotion Service on 01 897 6179

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