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Be active after school activity programme

The Be Active ASAP aims to improve the physical activity patterns of school children by introducing them to a wide variety of activities in a fun, supportive, positive environment, fostering positive attitudes toward physical activity during children’s crucial formative years. 

Be Active ASAP

  • Takes place after school on school grounds.
    This offers a safe, familiar, convenient setting for an age-appropriate introduction to after-school physical activity.
  • Designed for 7-8 year olds.
    This is an age at which children begin to make decisions regarding their likes/dislikes or abilities regarding physical activity.
  • Led by trained teacher leaders.
    Teachers were chosen to lead the programme as they have the knowledge to adjust activities to challenge children appropriately, irrespective of ability.
  • Involves parents in their children’s physical activity.
    Parental support is crucial to the programme to improve the adult:child ratio, to support the teacher and to set a good example for the children.
  • Gives children the chance to succeed.
    This programme concentrates on building confidence across a broad range of activities echoing the Physical Education Curriculum for Primary Schools experienced by children during the school day.`

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